Dear fellow citizens;

    The change we have commenced in Sakarya is going on without a break. We are advancing in this path with stronger steps by making new services and breaking new records every day. With the same devotion of serving, we are struggling to take Sakarya to where it deserves to be by the projects we realize at different sectors.

    The central government has succeeded unique achievements never to be witnessed before in the history of the Republic with the services that have been offered. Our government which made our country more powerful and energetic with the successful politics carried out at every field of life has solved many insoluble problems with this perseverance and effort by the mobilization of serving leaded by our President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

    Dear People of Sakarya;

    Our aim is to make Sakarya a modern city as it deserves. We are closer to our target than ever in this way where we stepped on with devotion.

    With love and respect…

    Ekrem Yüce
    Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality


    He was born in Adapazarı in 1955. He completed his primary education in the Serdivan district, secondary and high schools in Adapazarı. He graduated from Advanced Islamic Institute in 1980. 

    Toçoğlu worked as a Teacher for two years in Hekimhan district of Malatya and five years for Imams and Preachers High school in Adapazarı. He worked as a branch manager at the Director General for Religion of National Education Ministry in years between 1986 - 1992. He was appointed to Libraries and Documentation Department Manager in 1992. Later on, he worked as the  Secretary of Faculty of Theology in Sakarya University for six years. On 18 May, 1999 local elections, he was elected as President of Serdivan District municipality of Sakarya and then on 28 March 2004 was reelected for Serdivan District Municipality for second term. After the March 28, 2004 local elections, this time, he was elected as the Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality.


    Phone: 0.264.274 50 20

    Fax: 0.264.274 63 47

    Web: http://www.ekremyuce.net/

    E-mail: baskan@sakarya.bel.tr